Electric Blue Wallet

  1. Hello all,

    I am in the market for an electric blue wallet. Has anyone seen one lately? I was thinking maybe mini compagnon (the zipped square, right?) or the money (the bigger flap wallet, right?). Many thanks.
  2. Theres a Electric Blue SGH Money @ Barneys Bev. Hills as of this last weekend :yes:
  3. Thanks, oogiewoogie! Although GSH is beautiful, I think I'm in the market for RH - an important detail that I left out!

  4. ITA.. no problemo~! ;)
  5. Bump...thanks!
  6. I called BalNY and they put me on the list for an EB money wallet today. But I'm impatient! Has anyone seen one with RH? Perhaps they're just not out yet.