Electric Blue vrs Turquiose...

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  1. i prefer electric blue
  2. EB all the way..........................:tup:
  3. I have both and they are both so pretty but the eb in my opinion is better because it stands up to wear better since it's a deeper color and it really adds a pop of color to any outfit! :yes:
  4. I think both colors are AMAZING!! the only thing is that turquoise is more like a summer color and EB is an all year round color. But if you can get both, get both! they're so different & beautiful. Now if you have to absolutely choose one, the go with EB! Good luck!
  5. i dunno i'd say EB but i think it depends..if you could see both then it would probably help you decide..but that may not be an option huh..?
  6. Electric Blue is love (i prefer EB too) :biggrin: but when i saw Heidi Montag with Turquiose, it kinda looks cool too
  7. Sorry, bit of a pedantic question, is EB chevre or agneau?? thanks :smile:
  8. Agneau. =)
  9. No contest...Go for EB
  10. Electric blue!!!