Electric Blue vrs Turquiose...

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  1. I want a beautiful, rich, smooth first or work or parttime in blue. I am selecting between 08 EB or Turq
  2. Imho EB is more trans-seasonal. Turquoise is a beautiful color, but is very spring and summer. EB you could carry year round. Good luck finding an EB since I don't think I have heard of any stores having them unless they get a return.
  3. I'd go for EB. Like ronsdiva said it definitely can be worn all year round where as turq. is more of a spring/summer kinda color. I'd call BalNY. BalLA had only an EB RH Day the last time I talked to them 2 weeks ago (when I bought my EB SGH PT) but my SA said that BalNY had some stuff in EB in Giant Hardware. Good luck, I love mine and definitely think its a color worth investing in! Goes with everything and can wear year round! :tup:
  4. i think the EB is an amazing color, but ronsdiva is right, its very hard to find, i cant even find it in the makeup clutch.:crybaby:
  5. would the city be an option?
    bagpassion.com has a EB city, regular hardware for sale right now
    oh.. i wish i had the money... but i hope this helps you out!:smile:
  6. I would definitely go for the EB over Turq!
  7. EB for sure. Turq this year doesn't have excellent leather.

    My EB is nice and thick.
  8. I prefer EB as well!
  9. I've had both, and i think the leather on EB was better.
  10. EB is more 'electrifying' IMO than TURQ
  11. EB for sure! I found one last week and I worrrssship this color! I actually have a Turqouise wallet and while she's to die for too, she's definately more Springy.
  12. What about sky blue?
  13. Definitely Electric blue!!!
  14. My EB is the smooshiest, butteriest bag! I love it! If you can still find one, go for EB!
  15. I have 2 EB and I LOVE :love: THEM !!!! its A FABULOUS color!!!! :wlae: Good LUCK!!!