Electric blue twiggy?

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  1. Hi, I am a Bal newbie. I am trying to decide on my first Bal bag. I like twiggy and electric blue. Is there such a combo? TIA
  2. yes, there is. you should contact aloha rag since i know they are getting a shipment of them in. if not, contact the bal la store.
  3. lolaluvsu, thank you for your reply. Very helpful ! Is there anybody trying to order from SAKS for the upcoming triple point + EGC event? Any good SA in SAKS to recommend?

  4. Leonor at the Greenwich Ct store is great. She really knows about the bags.
  5. Contact number?
  6. Hi there, AR has an EB Twiggy as of today 10 April. Hope this helps
  7. Nope... none left at AR :sad: I guess they sold out very quickly
  8. Bal NY has them in stock! Just read a thread about them