Electric Blue Twiggy now available on AR

  1. Balenciaga TWIGGY IN BLUE ELECTRIC ($1095)

    Attached AR's picture.
  2. thanks, F! i see that AR sends 'real' pictures now:tup:

    (i finally checked out the Rouille at MM's)
  3. that is gorgeous!
  4. That's awesome that they're sending real pictures now!! Though, in all honesty, I kind of always enjoyed looking at their stock photos - they looked almost "cartoonish" sometimes, sort of like bbag art! Ok, now you know I'm really :nuts:!!!
  5. That bag looks so nice doesn't it? :drool:
  6. CoutureObsessed, I know what you mean...I love looking at those stock pictures too.

    aki, Yes it does. The leather actually look really yummy. I think the later batch of EB are less saturated but seems like their leather is relatively thicker.
  7. hmmm.... i am so heartbroken missing the work from ar. maybe i shd get a twiggy to stop the bleed :graucho:
  8. Yes get the Twiggy before it is gone!!! How's your hunt for a Work?
  9. wow! love the color :love:
  10. The leather on that looks amazing! And I am definitely an EB and twiggy fan... so snatch it up, people!