Electric blue rolandos-what can I wear them with?

  1. I am tossing up whether to get the blue suede rolandos. What on earth could I wear them with though?

    And for those that can't wear them, is it because of the height or do they crunch your toes? How come they are uncomfortable for alot of people?

    I have fairly narrow feet and wear a size 6 very prive, so I was going to get a 6.5, should that be right?

  2. A black dress. A black top and jeans. Black skinny pants and a white top. Black, black, and more black. lol

    I love those. I just can't wear them. They seemed okay as far as comfort when I tried them on, but the height was too much for me...at least at the present. Who knows, by next year maybe I'll have graduated to 5+ inch heels.
  3. i would wear them with a mono-tone outfit with complimentary jewelry. like all black (my preference), all beige/khaki/white, all brown....
    sapphire jewelry...
    they could also work with a dress in a patterned fabric
    i saw a photo of heidi klum wearing them today with a horrendous blue elmo looking shawl. i thought the shawl was overkill though. here is the pic:


    as for the rolandos, they are hard to walk in. i was wanting the blue rolandos for ages just to have some great 'blue suede shoes', but i am glad i held out. i ended up getting the declic in blue suede and i find it much more comfortable and easy to walk in. plus i think the declic is a more classic silhouette.
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  5. Wow, there's another girl who finds the Declic to be more comfy than Rolando's.....now there's at least two of us LOL. Personally I still prefer the shape of the Rolando's just a teeny bit more over that of the Declic 120/130, but Rolando's are by and large uncomfortable for me (especially the suede ones, weird I know.....I guess maybe b/c the leather & patent ones provided more structure I can actually walk in them a bit easier?).

    BTW I'm pretty sure the shoes on Heidi Klum are not the electric blue suede Rolando's -- another shade of blue, possible.....or could be the blue Christmas pony hair version......but the electric blue (royal purple) color on the Rolando's photographs very differently from that photo.
  6. There are so many options. I personally think that they would look great with white pants or white jeans in the summer with fun top that has bright blue in it and maybe accent it with yellow accessories. I recently ordered the blue suede Declic from Barneys, but I didn't like how it looked on my foot. Where did you find the Rolando? I might give that a try because I LOVE the color.

    Check out this link where people put together outfits. These outfits are paired with the electric blue patent Michael Kors shoe, but it lets you get ideas of color combinations.

  7. I think that this shoe initially appears as difficult to wear BUT once you get it, you will find that this color really complements many colors. The most important thing is not to try to match it to anything in your outfit ala Heidi, but you want the shoe to complement or enhance colors in your outfit. I am rather surprised that she would wear that awful coat with the rolandos in the same color, she is usually right on point and always looks fabulous. Anyway, this shoe goes very well with just about any neutral and obviously black.
    The blue suede rolandos are amazing shoes and I recommend that you get them!

    The only thing that I dislike about the blue rolandos is that I don't think that they look right with black tights, the color just seems to fade against the black tights. So I really haven't been able to wear them often in the winter time.
  8. Also regarding comfort, I find the rolandos more comfortable than the 130mm declics, but less comfortable than the 100mm declics.
    Depending on which shape you prefer - rolando vs declic, they are basically the same exact shade, just a tad difference. But if you are looking for the declic than you should hurry because I think that they are mostly all up on eBay already. Barneys still has the 100mm and I believe that the CL boutiques still have the 130mm declic.

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    I would wear these babies with anything!!! I think very dark skinny jeans would look good though. Almost black but not quite.
  11. wear them with jeans and lots of black! anytime you need a pop of colour!

    lol @ the cookie monster comment :biggrin:
  12. :lol: That coat!! ...It's frightening!
  13. [​IMG]

    here's another picture heidi klum and her blue rolandos
  14. What is up with Heidi and furry coats?!?!