Electric blue Riki!!!

  1. Look what I just found at Nordies! I may have to have this :graucho:
  2. Ohhh, that's gorgeous... :drool: I would love to have one as well! Buy it, buy it, buy it!!
  3. Well....this is pretty. The Riki is my favorite style of JC and blue is my favorite color. I looked on the website and it is listed as a pre-order. Have you seen it in the store yet? I wonder how the two shades of blue look together IRL.
  4. Gorgeous, a must have jmcadon.:tup:

    Jimmy Choo blues are always beautiful.
  5. No, only on line. I would need to see in IRL, too. It is kind of pricey for me right now...I'd have to sell a couple of bags first :p
  6. Beautiful!
  7. Beautiful Color...
  8. Go for it, jmcadon. I have a soft spot for Rikis. My faves are the biker leather with snake trim. This one looks like it's snake vs embossed, but Nordies descriptions aren't always 100% accurate, although it's priced for snake. It's calling me; I don't think I can resist...
  9. That is the truth for sure. The reds aren't too shabby either!
  10. Beautiful Color:love:
  11. My SA showed it to me! It's a beautiful matte finish python. All the scales are flat instead of lifting up, but I guess they would probably lift up over time.

    It's so beautiful!
    P3070270.JPG P3070271.JPG
  12. Wow, that is a beauty!
  13. :drool: Thanks for posting the pic, what a beauty!! This makes it even more tempting.
  14. I know...I am hoping this one is still around at the sales :graucho:
  15. This color combo is also available on the Rosalie...not my style, but still a pretty bag. They had one on one of the morning talk shows a couple of days ago along with Chanel, Valentino and Prada...showing all the bright new bags for spring!