electric blue miniode veneta

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  1. Hello everyone, thank you for letting me share pics of the electric blue miniode veneta. This is the large size. I was hoping for a brighter blue in the resort collection so I'm very pleased with the color. I also love orange but have not seen tangerine yet. I'm new to BV so I must agree with everyone here, this is addictive. I'm already looking at the smaller rete (I think that's what everyone here calls it) tote. It's the size I've been hoping for. The larger size is much too big for me. Have a great week!!!

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  2. Beautiful blue! I saw this color at the boutique but it was the regular large veneta not the miniode style. It is a captivating blue - congrats! I am also anxious to see the small rete tote in a vibrant color, may have to add to my short list.
  3. I saw a medium veneta in this color at BV a couple of weeks ago. It is pretty color. Congratulations!
  4. How is the miniode different from a regular veneta?
  5. The blue is fantastic--congrats!
  6. Very pretty. Congrats
  7. gorgeous blue, congrats!
  8. Thank you everyone! My other BVs are either light or dark, so bright is 'something different', lol.
  9. wickedassin, the miniode has those little 'ruffles' scattered across the bag. I thought about the detail catching on something and maybe pulling or something, but I try to take care of my things and not baby them too much, but not abuse them either. Hopefully it shows up in the pic.

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  10. AHHHH-thank you so much for that close-up photo. I couldn't quite see the difference when I glanced at your earlier photo--I must have been too mesmerized in the pretty blue leather!
  11. In certain photos the color looks along the lines of Empire or Azure. Am I seeing this correctly?
  12. Beautiful! I love this shade of blue! Congrats! :smile:

  13. The miniode pictured at the first of this reveal has a wavey pattern in the woven leather. Here are some stock photos from NM, the miniode large veneta and the miniode small rete.

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  14. chiisaibunny- beautiful bag. thanks for the pictures.

    jroger1- thanks for the additional pictures.
  15. Love it!!