electric blue mahala

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  1. So jimmy choo's website doesn't have the blue mahala anymore. Does anyone know if they will restock this product or if any store has this bag.
  2. Oh no! They had it a couple of days ago.:sad:
    They sold out in the Maddy in this color, as well. E-mail jchoo.com and ask them...
    I love this bag, but I can't have them all. Choices, choices...
  3. They ran out earlier this year then got more, so my guess is no. You can also try calling a JC Boutique. If they have one they can send it to you and if they don't have one but another one has it they can arrange for it to be sent to you.

    Good luck.
  4. i know that i was soooo bummed that the jc website sold out of the electric blue mahala. i've been going back and forth for a few weeks about this bag, finally decided to go for it, and it ends up gone! :sad: oh well, more beautiful bags to choose from later, i suppose... and i think my wallet's pretty happy as well..
  5. They had one at the Chevy Chase, MD JC boutique two weekends ago. It's possible that it's still there if you want to give them a call.

    Good luck!
  6. They do have 1 at the Chicago Store. Call Casey @ 312-255-1170! (if she's not there ask for Lynne or Roger) I told her some of the ladies are lusting after this bag and she is more than happy to help:tup:
  7. I was visiting and saw this bag at the Nordstrom at Scottsdale Fashion Square. They may still have it! Good luck, it's a beautiful bag!
  8. does anyone know the price?
  9. you guys are so wonderful! thanks for the info!

    lady chinadoll, the mahala retails for $1895 per the jc website.
  10. oh...darn.
    I saw somewhere it was at a 50% off sale...too good to be true:crybaby:
  11. Called the Nordstrom store and she said it was the malena that they had in blue, thanks anyways. Good news is that they are picking up the color for fall.
  12. I got it! I wasn't suppossed to buy another bag this season, but I seriously love this blue color. I can't wait for it to get here! I will post pics when I get it!
    OK I am officially banned! No more bags this year. (I am so glad I have my own visa card and I pay the bill on line so it doesn't even come in the mail):yahoo::yahoo:
  13. :woohoo::happydance:Way to go!!!:party: JM, I am so jealous! Where did you get her from (Casey) and we will all anxiously await your modeling photos:graucho:
  14. jmcadon, my jaw just dropped! Serious congratulations on a bag I truly covet:nuts:Can't wait to see your pictures. That is a bag worthy of a bag ban:yahoo:.
  15. I always liked the bag, but after seeing Lindsay Lohan schlepping it all over town prior to her latest fall from Grace, I now love it too! :heart:

    Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see pics! :yahoo: