electric blue Mahala in liquid patent?

  1. I just got an e-mail from a seller on e-bay whose listed on of those horrible fake blue Mahalas. She said it is liquid patent that's why it is so shiny.
    Does anyone know if they ever made the Mahala in blue liquid patent?:throwup:
  2. Not to my knowledge!

    I know when I was searching high and low in Feb 2007, I spoke to numerous JC SA and Jimmy Choo Customer Service, I told them I wanted the Wet Look Ramona and they said all they had was the 1 Riki left. They said it was such a popular color that sold out quickly but it was only made in the Ramona and the Riki. That's how I ended up with a Riki.

    Additionally, if you look at the color of my Riki (oops.. I mean Stinkerbelle's Riki) and the color of the Fake Ramona in my thread
    you can see that the color was not copied even close:throwup:
  3. It's really too sad how many fakes are out there, and how difficult it can be for someone new to the brand to be able to weed out the fakes from the few authentic bags that do show up on eBay. For what some people are paying for fakes, they could buy the real deal on sale directly from J Choo. :true:

    In seeing the quality live and in living color of a JC patent bag (thank you Robyn! :heart:), I can't imagine in a million years that a fake could come close. I would be VERY suspicious of any hard to find color on eBay. Like Robyn said, they sold out pretty quickly and unless someone has decided to sell their personal bag that they did buy directly from J Choo, they're not just lying around in some warehouse to be listed every other day on eBay. :nogood:
  4. It's also very hard because there are no serial numbers or any kind of code on JC bags to help out either. I would be really scared to buy a JC from ebay.
  5. Which brings me to a question for Robyn....does the black patent Ramona have sliver or gold hardware? Or did it come with both?
  6. Hey Stinkerbelle, how are you feeling?:drinkup:

    I hope you took my advice:drinks:

    I can not say for sure if the Ramona was ever released in Silver Hardware, but my Ramona is all Gold hardware and every bag I have owned or currently own is done in Gold hardware:tup:

    Samantha, Cosmo, Riffraff or Jmcadon might be better at asking for verification. I have also checked my past couple of years worth of JC catalogs and they are all showing gold hardware on all their bags:confused1:
  7. Hey...how could I NOT take your advice?? Were you wrong about the JC patent? I think not! So, you know....if Robyn says to drink alcohol to ditch a cold....who am I to argue? :wlae:

    The reason I asked about the hardware on the black patent is because there is/was one listed on Ebay with silver hardware. The thing that threw me was that the "H" on the locking hardware was correct....you know, the bar across the "H" was higher. Have you seen the bag I'm talking about? Has anyone? Or was it just in my delirious imagination?? Which btw....I did dream about handbags a LOT in the past 24 hours and it wasn't all good! :upsidedown:
  8. I am not really familiar with the "H" verification. I always look at the centering of the Jimmy :choochoo: in relation to the "studs" :tup: That has always been the give away for me. I'll have to go check it out.

    BTW.... Have a few more :drinkup::drinks: just to make sure you kill the cold:heart:
  9. I have been seeing some fakes with the correct H now as well. They still can't seem to get the lilac plate font correct or to get the Jimmy Choo name centered on the gold metal locking clasp. I have never seen the ramona with silver hardware. I have a couple of older catalogues and they were always gold. One of the SA's I spoke with told me this is the first year JChoo came out with anything but gold on a couple of their bags...
  10. Yeahhh....I tried to find that black patent bag with the silver hardware and now I can't find it. I'm telling you, it WAS there! I know that for about 24 hours the sky was definitely a different color in my world, but JC hardware was NOT! :push: