Electric Blue Maddy on JChoo Web

  1. An Electric Blue maddy just came up on the JC web ...... hurry before is gone .....

  2. Gris - When you order from the JC site, do you pay duties up front...or once it gets here? Do you apply to get your duties back?
  3. When I order the Maddy & Ramona they apply the duties to my total.
  4. Can we get the duties back? I remember something about that when I was in Canada awhile back...didn't know we could do it from the UK.
  5. No, unfortunally they do not refund you for either shipping and/or duties....Taxes & duties fees are 156.47 plus the 2/3 day shipping of 35.40
  6. Thanks for the info. I really love the electric blue and I do not have a Maddy. :graucho: Got to think on that one.
  7. Where's Hubba?
  8. LOL I saw this and I have one sitting in my shopping cart. I really think I want a Mahala. I have seen comparison pics, and I think the bigger bag would more suit me. Thanks guys.
  9. I agree I think he Mahala size is better..... I dont have a Maddy, YET, but from the pics Ive seen and after having the Mahala I will def prefer her