Electric BLUE GGH or RH Work? pics inside

  1. Just got an email from my SA with pics from their new delivery....I have decided on the EB in a work, but which one? They are both stunning but do you think Gold is too bling?

    source: cultstatus
  2. If it's between GGH and RH I would say RH. I feel that the GGH with EB is too gaudy. Personally though I prefer GSH with EB. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Woooo.d...wow....I pick the ggh??
    Very lovely.....good luck...

  5. I design jewelry & I never pair gold chains & findings with bright blues unless requested by my customers. I just find the too cool blue & warm gold too harsh a combo so the same theory applies for my bags(leather vs HW). BUT coz a work is HUGE, RH looks so lonely. The GGH do look alright amongst the BLUEs so I am inclined to tell you to give GGH a go.
  6. i'd vote for GGH! i saw one yesterday i was :drool: i even regretted buying eb rh .. well just a little!
  7. Definitely RH for me..
    Classic :yes:
  8. :heart::heart::heart:the GGH!!! :drool:
  9. I say RH...but I'm also suffering from an inner backlash against GH at the moment. RH is just more classic IMHO
  10. I think RH, the GH looks a little too gawdy IMO, and the bright blue is a powerful statement enough to get your noticed--don't need the GH!
  11. Seems more people like the RH....but I am kinda drawn to the Gold. I will need to sleep on this one.
  12. Ggh!
  13. rh for me :smile:
  14. I should have done a poll on this one! I think is 2:1 in favour of the RH. However, the more I look at them the more I like the GGH. Here's a pics from the celeb thread of the french blue with SGH....looks good too.
  15. WOW... I'm not really a GH fan, but seriously, that particular bag looks AMAZING with the GGH.

    If you would prefer less bling I would get RH though...