Electric Blue gains 1 more victim....PICS >>>

  1. Well, after literally weeks of dismissing it, I caved today.

    I noticed at Barneys that the more recent batch of EBs looked more saturated and richer. Even darker than the batch they had weeks before.

    Another friend of mine noticed this too on her own separate visit to the same Barneys.

    I've been thinking about a blue bbag that is a 'wearable pop' and this fits the bill: dark enough to be wearable PLUS a very vibrant splash of colour. I immediately wore it when I walked out of Balenciaga - where I cherry picked the nicest of this darker batch that they also had) and perfect too for sunny days when I wear alot of white and yellow.

    Will add daylight pics tomorrow:


    With flash but it shows the colour saturated well:

    Flash again:
  2. :drool: That's a gorgeous bag & it looks great on you, congrats!
  3. It looks gorgeous on you! Congratulations. You look like a super model taking a day off!

    I love all the bright colors this season. I can't help but be drawn to the crayon-colored clothing everywhere in the department store. I just hope it warms up quickly here in southern California!
  4. You and your bag are gorgeous! I love the 2nd pic because it shows how vibrant the color really is and it looks fab with dark jeans. Someone else was looking for pics of EB with jeans....maybe this thread will help with her decision to keep her bag. Congrats! :smile:
  5. A couple more mod shots:

    This is how I wore it when I left Balenciaga and I got a compliment on it already when in a store with my gf. A boutique owner gushed 'LOVE that colour.' I replied thank you and that its not broken in like I like bbags to be. She replied 'oh it will though you know that' (she's a friend who owns bbags too and showed me a MEGA broken in vert gazon PT with GGH). Anyway she said 'yeah, it will break in I mean yours is new you said? How long have you had it? 1 week?' I replied. '2 hours'

    We burst out laughing.


  6. I LOVE it!!!! It looks absolutely fantastic on you!
  7. CONGRATS!!! Looks really good on you!!!
  8. Yayayaya I love how so many people are getting into the EB! I am in love with mine, and I love how saturated and veiny it is. Mine is darker like yours and I'm really happy about it seeing as mine was bought sight unseen! Congrats!
  9. L:huh:kin Fab KarenAb! That is one saturated EB... cOngrats! :tup:
  10. I love it. I, too, have ordered a bag in EB and will receive this week after not really thinking I "liked" the color. I wanted a deeper blue, not French Blue, and I am hoping that is what I get. Your post is making me very excited to receive mine. It looks beautiful on you! Congrats!
  11. WOW I love the pic of your new EB with your violet coin purse. Congrats!
  12. wowsa - I wasn't at all impressed with EB until now after I see you model it!!! Looks fantastic with your outfit! Congrats!:yahoo:
  13. Gorgeous!! And I am so in love with your hair!! The cut, the color, the bangs - very stunning!!
  14. woo~hoo! *karenab* ~ you have another fine specimen of eb there! :love: ~ congratulations!
  15. I love EB!!! It looks GREAT!