Electric Blue Day

  1. I love Blue but am not sure bc of all the different shades I have seen thus far.
    I would get it in Regular Hardware, Any input would be appreciated.
    Those of you that have sen it in person is it to much of a dark navy like the pics from balenciaga or more electric like the person who has the city with giant hardware.
  2. I'd call it a fairly intense royal blue. "Electric" might be a little strong of a word but it's definitely an intense color. :yes:
  3. Very variable colour - hard to describe.

    Evening / indoors / artificial light - deep dark blue or bright deep blue.

    Outdoors / daytime indoors - bright mid blue or soft mid blue.

    Very attractive colour - not at all boring.

    Love my City. Initially fancied an RH Day.
  4. I love EB! In the past I have always gone for the darker blues like Marine & Blueberry. I love those chemeleon colours too like Ink & Anthra...I think the EB is really going to "do it" for me! As the colour is so intense & busy, I would keep it simple with RH. However, if you love the GH and want it in the GH, I would get silver on EB.
  5. I wouldn't call it 'electric' personally. It's a beautiful 'concentrated' blue(if that even makes any sense to you), but it didn't 'spark' for me. I'm more into a dark-bright-blue....I know I sound confusing right now...I can't seem to pick the right words today!
  6. I hope they are beautiful:smile::smile: I ordered an EB Day and EB Money wallet to match!! I will post pics when I receive both pieces.
  7. i was dissapointed when i saw a lot of the initial pics ~ but when i received mine ~ i absolutely :love: ~ him ~ (he's the first male bag i have owned) ~ eb is a strange colour as it almost changes before your very eyes! ~ when i used him the other day (perhaps i should re~phrase that!) ~ i discovered that he does have his electric moments (& maybe that too!) ~ he constantly catches your eye & the colour just suddenly pops! ~ & i've never had so many people compliment my bag ~ ever! ~ so go get some eb in your life ~ & on a super slouchy day it will just look :love: :drool: :love: