Electric Blue City Anywhere?

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  1. Totally dying for one in RH or GSH, see one around? I doubt it, it's soo pretty! but I think I may NEED one.
  2. I answered your other post on this (since you have two). There's a RH EB city brand new at NM in Va.

    Go get it!
  3. theres an RH city on bag passion :smile:
  4. bagpassion has a EB city in RH. EB GH hard to find!!
  5. I THINK I found a GSH city in CA, they said it was there Saturday, fingers crossed they still have her! Auuugh why must they be 3 hours behind me!
  6. The place in CA had one with GSH!!! I just bought her and she'll be here tomorrow! Ohhh I wish I had pics, the woman said the bag was nice and even in color with no scratches or anything. I hate getting bags without seeing them first but hey, I can always return. =)
  7. ^ YAY! Glad you were able to find one; can't wait to see pics!
  8. Congrats on finding one Candy!! I love EB... goes with absolutely everything!
  9. Hi CandyJanney, how did you go? did you get your bag and was the leather amazing? I am trying to find an EB part-time at the moment, and dont like my chances. Would love to see pics of your city ... :smile: