Electric Blue Choo (Mahala)

  1. A few people on the forum have expressed an interest in knowing about how the electric blue Mahala works in person. All I can say is that the bag is absolutely fantastic - probably my favorite bag to date! The color is bright, but not so obnoxious that it appears gaudy. However, it is a bit brighter than the French Blue color Balenciaga put out this past spring. I like that the color will go with blacks, browns, reds, grays, etc. - which means that I can use it with most outfits. I really like my accessories to make a statement and this bag is perfect!

    As for the Mahala style, I'm not really a big bag person, but this bag is a great size. I love all of the pockets and the width of the bag can easily smoosh down under my arm. I carried this lovely bag around the other day and felt so great.

    I don't know if I would have gone through with the purchase without the help of Casey at the Chicago Jimmy Choo store. I had read so many wonderful comments about her here, so I called her and she talked to me about the various styles and colors. It was really fantastic working with her. Once I decided on the purchase, she immediately sent a tracking number and followed up with a phone call to make sure that I was 100% happy with the bag. She provides great customer service and I would highly recommend anyone contact her if they are interested in purchasing a JC.

    Bag inside w/flash:

    Bag inside w/flash with French Blue Balenciaga wallet:

    Outside shade:

    Outside sun:
    IMG_0887.jpg IMG_0893.jpg IMG_0888.jpg IMG_0891.jpg
  2. That bag is so gorgeous! Thanks for all of the photos...it helps to see the bag under differing lighting.
  3. That looks like such a fun bag! :biggrin:
  4. I love this bag. I almost bought it when I was at SCP. Have fun, killer JChoo!
  5. Thanks for posting the pictures! It is such a gorgeous shade of blue. Is it about the same size as the City bag? I love your french blue next to the electric blue.:smile:

    I first wanted this bag when I saw the pics of Lindsay Lohan with it, but now I love it even more because of your pics!
  6. Wow, what a gorgeous bag! I have always stuck to neutral coloured handbags, but your JC makes me want to get a bright coloured one! Are the blue mahalas or the blue marins even available still?
  7. It's LOVELY! :tup:
  8. The Mahala might be about the same overall size as the city, but the shape is very different. Whereas the Balenciaga city bags are very square and flat, the Mahala has more curves. The base is wide and the bag narrows just a bit toward the top. It doesn't have a zip (just a magnetic snap), which might not be everyone's preference. I find that I don't tend to zip my bags anyway, so that feature doesn't pose a problem. The color is much more what I had hoped the Balenciaga french blue would be.
  9. Is beautiful!!! I love the electric blue mahala 2 ....:heart:
  10. truly, truly gorgeous bag. great choice, congratulations!:tup:
  11. Wooow, it's gorgeous. Really love it.
    Thanks for all the info about it. It's such a great bag and the color is fabulous.
  12. Chuggie -- thanks for sharing your pics!! That is one beautiful bag.
  13. Gorgeous! So pretty and vibrant! Enjoy!
  14. Congratulations Chuggie:yahoo:

    Your bag is so Gorgeous:drool: and I am so happy you worked with Casey:heart:

    She is an Amazing lady and to me, she is the best SA I have ever worked with:queen:
  15. I love it! :girlsigh: