Electric Blue Cervo Baseball Hobo has landed!!!

  1. This bag was delivered today and I just love it. I also decided to get the matching bracelet. ;)

    The size of this bag is great and it hangs so nicely too. It's soft and just so pretty! I am in love with this color....here it is, with flash:
    BC 2014 Jan 002.jpg BC 2014 Jan 001.jpg BC 2014 Jan 004.jpg BC 2014 Jan 003.jpg
  2. Love that too, such a great color, and so smooshy and chewy!
  3. Holy blue wonder batman! It is REALLY pretty!
  4. Oooh, Electrique looks wonderful in cervo! So smooshy.
  5. Love the color!
  6. Gorgeous color! on a great bag--congrats!!
  7. Nice BV haul. I love the bracelets and I love matching my BV bag and SLG colors. Enjoy!
  8. very pretty
    very electric
  9. gorgeous!
  10. LOVE it! I'm eager to purchase my first Cervo.
  11. Gorgeous bright blue and the leather looks so soft and lush! Congrats on your cervo hobo!
  12. Love the Cervo and the saturated blue color. It is indeed electric! Congratulations.
  13. Have you seen this color in person? I was wondering how closely E Blue compared to Empire?
  14. Congratulations on your new additions.
    I have seen this color in the Venetas, but not the Cervo Hobo, yet. This color is great!
  15. Nope, haven't seen Electric Blue in person, though I might have an SLG coming in it soon. I just think it looks vibrantly, gorgeously blue in these pics from DD101. I'll post pics of the comparison with Empire if I end up with the Electrique/Electric Blue (I've now confused myself over which it is, lol).