Electric Bling-What Do You Think

  1. I love these 2 rings I found at Electric Ladyland, especially the 1st one. But do you think it's too flashy?

    Electric Bling.jpg

    Electric Bling2.jpg
  2. no, i love them!!!~
  3. I love them both...
  4. I think they look like fun rings. I would wear them with casual clothing as fun accents, but not to serious 'dress up' occasions.
  5. ^ Agreed! Definitely fun pieces to spice up an outfit! I like them!
  6. fun!!! i may have to swing by the store and check them out...
  7. I agree. :yes:
  8. ^^^ agree as well! :smile:
  9. Both lovely!! Would give a delicious spice to any outfit!! Please post pics when you get them,oops I meant when you get one!! Hahahahaaa!! I don't think I could choose,they're both fab!!