Eldest Hanson Hospitalized!

  1. [​IMG]TMZ has learned that Isaac Hanson, 27, the eldest of the family trio of the band Hanson, has been hospitalized suffering from a pulmonary embolism, thus postponing their concert in Tulsa tonight.

    As the Tulsa World first reported, tonight's show "is definitely canceled." The paper spoke with Ken Philips, the band's publicist, who said Isaac was admitted to the hospital earlier today with severe shoulder and chest pain. "This could be serious, but nobody knows just yet," and added, "We are hoping for the best."

    A pulmonary embolism is a serious condition. Blood clots travel to the lungs and can result in death if not treated immediately. Isaac has been hospitalized for this condition before.

    Hanson, the family band that drove the kids crazy with the hit "MMMBop," is from Tulsa.
  2. Wow, poor Issac. I used to LOVE Hanson. I thought I was gonna marry Taylor....lolz.

    Sorry if this is random, but I just read in InTouch Magazine that he and Taylor just left a resturant w/o paying. The owner chased them down, and Taylor finally surrendered his credit card. It sort of made me feel bad caz I really used to like them caz they seemed nice. :back2topic:

    Anyway, I truly hope he gets better. That sounds really serious. I will keep he and his family in my thoughts.
  3. Hanson Brothers Chased Over Bar Bill.... Hanson brothers Isaac and TAYLOR Hanson were chased by he manager of a New York bar after a mix up over a drinks bill.
    The MmmBop singers joined friends at The Odeon bar on 8 September (07) and reportedly left without settling their tab.
    One reveller tells U.S. magazine In Touch Weekly the Hanson brothers thought someone else was paying the $100 (£50 bill) and walked out, leaving the bar's frantic boss to run after them.
    The Hansons were about to get into a taxi when the manager caught up with them.
    A bystander says, "They weren't even embarrassed. Isaac looked at Taylor and said that he thought someone else was paying the bill."

    The boys then returned to the bar and settled the bill.

    This is an article I read.:sad:

    Sorry, cocogirl, I didn't mean to hijack your thread. Just wondering if anyone else heard this.
  4. That sounds serious. I think that was the same condition that killed that NBC reporter a few years back while he was in Iraq. I hope Isaac recovers successfully!

  5. No problem....Thanxx for the article:smile:
  6. i think that was in like.... one of those $1.99 magazines. i love those. they're so cheap but useless after an hour...
  7. Ugh, I hope he's ok. I used to be a huge Hanson fan when I was in the 6th/7th grade.
  8. :sad: Nooo! He's my favorite. I've been a fan since I was in the 5th grade and I've still never seen them. I've got tickets to see them on November 5th. I hope he'll be fine.
  9. They did say it was a mix up. I doubt that purposely left with the intent of not paying. They probably just assumed that someone else in their group was going to get the tab. No big deal since they went back to settle it. It's not like they flat out refused to pay.
  10. :true:I hope you get to see them on Nov. 5th. I saw them twice when I was younger, then I kind of stopped listening to them. Is their new music any good?
  11. Thanks. I hope so too. When I was young, my mom never let me go to concerts because that meant she'd have to go with me. When did you stop listening? Their best work is This Time Around. I seriously love every song on that CD. It's a good mix of rock and pop. Their newer stuff is very contemporary rock with a pop influence. Underneath was a good CD with some tracks that were better than others. I love The Walk. It's their most recent one that they recorded in Africa. You can hear the influence from their environment on a few tracks. I highly recommend their most recent CDs. Even though it's Hanson, I don't think it's embarassing to listen to their work. They really are great musicians. It's too bad that people don't give them a chance because of what they did when they were younger. I'll stop rambling. I'm a total Hanson dork. Always have been and will probably be one as long as they keep making music. :shame:

    By the way, I was also supposed to marry Taylor. Then I noticed that Isaac got hot. :whistle:Too bad they're married.
  12. LOL! Yeah Issac looks a lot better w/o the hair. This Time Around was the last CD I purchased. I loved it too. And I was all about them, then they seemed to disappear, so I stopped listening to them. :sad: I'll have to check them out.......though my hubby will never let me live it down....LOL. He still makes fun of me for being a fan. Yeah, my poor dad had to take me to the first concert and my whole family went the second time.

    Thanks for the info!