Elderly short woman with new Coco

  1. Ok this is how an elderly (42) short (almost 5'3") rocks a coco....Do you think I can do it??:supacool:
    chanel 016_1.jpg
  2. From one 42 year young short woman to another:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: YES!!! You totally ROCK that bag :rochard:.
  3. I love that bag and am thinking of getting one too. And I am older than you. If you feel comfortable with it, go for it. I think you look great with it, but I am a big bag kind of girl.
  4. thanks Molls, that's sweet!! rock on Mama!!
  5. LOL! I'm a year more "elderly" than you. I think it looks great on you! Congrats!
  6. You're welcome! OMG, I can't get over how GREAT that bags looks on you. Honest opinion, because I'm ready to go out the door and pick up my vinyl Cabas, do you think vinyl would be too much for a short, 42 year young ;) woman.
  7. Elderly ? You're funny . You look like one sexy beeotch w/ that bag ! You're daughter is adorable !
  8. You can rock that bag! Congrats!!
  9. LMBO! Elderly schmelderly!!!

    You look GREAT w/ that bag!

    Your baby girl is precious too!
  10. No way Molls! Post pix!!
  11. Lulilu, Tammy, Sophia, Allinthebag, Swanky--
    Thanks all for the kind words. I feel very comfortable with the bag and I think it fits my very relaxed lifestyle... I carry lots of things with my two kids and am not very fancy (that is an understatement). :heart:
  12. OMG, if you are elderly then I am ancient (46)! :biggrin: You look fab; not only are you in great shape, but you can totally wear that bag without any silliness whatsoever. It's perfect for your lifestyle - congrats and use it often!!

    Edited to say your daughter is adorable. :yes:
  13. thanks so much!! I am glad to see that many of my sistas are in the forties too!! Love ya!:heart:
  14. I soooooo don't get your "elderly" comment :smile: But I actually think the bag looks great on you and is much more stylish on women over 35. I think it looks too trendy on the younger gals but oh so chic on "older" ones.
  15. You look fabulous with the bag. Being 41 myself, i thought i would not be able to pull off the look, but after seeing you i'm inspired! Congrats on the bag!