Elderly Panda Cles


Sep 13, 2006
Hey Everybody,

I have a Panda Cles that I love to pieces. I, however, love him in the box where he is at home and pristine. I was wondering how many people use their Panda Cles for keys: everyday? How does it look? Could you post pictures? I would love to see it!!! I know I should start using my LE more often...It took a while for me to break out Groomie Cles..Haha

Thanks In Advance,
All the Best,

I use mind as a key ring daily and it has gotten dirty!! I've had it only for a few months (since june). I tried to clean it with leather cleaner and it didn't really work out too great. I'll take a pic later for ya!
I think sometimes when you admire something it's ok to never use it, to just collect the pieces. Besides he's just painted on & he will eventually rub off. So if you don't want that happening, just keep him in the box. :smile:
Here's a picture of mine:


Not bad considering I did use it a bit and that I purchased it in 2005.