Elderly Dog

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  1. My Aussie mix is almost 13 and is having problems. Accidents, not eating, lethargic. My vet gave me some Estrogen pills to help her leaking and generic Pepcid to help her appetite, but none of it is really working. I've tried cooking her special food, but most days I end up throwing it out cause she's not eating. I'm hoping those of you who have gone though the same thing can give me some advice. I'm not sure she is ready for the rainbow bridge, but I'm concerned about her withering away from not eating.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your dog; it is so hard to see them getting old and sick. :hugs:
    Have you tried feeding her scrambled eggs or rice? When my family dog got old and finicky, (sweet old German Shepherd) she would usually eat things like scrambled eggs or cheerios, and when my pitbull had surgery recently and was queasy from her medication, she still scarfed down scrambled eggs and rice.
    However, if she doesn't want to eat ANYTHING, including treats and human food, she may be in a lot of pain. :sad: I hope you can get her to eat!
  3. If she won't even eat the special things you prepare for her, maybe it's time to help her to the Rainbow Bridge. Think about her general quality of life, but when she's not eating, she must be feeling very bad.

    Best wishes. It's the hardest part about having a pet--when to say good-bye and not to keep them going for our own sake, but keep their best interest in mind.
  4. I have an older black lab mix. I was told to try baby food when my dog wouldn't eat. He did eat it and I had tried a lot of other things like the chicken broth, rice....he wasn't having it. He would also eat meat most of the time but would get tired of the same thing. Hope you can get her to eat!
  5. Not sure how well it works with dogs, but they say with cats to feed them super stinky food. Maybe her sense of smell is failing so she can't smell what you've made her and has no interest? I would try a bit of wet canned food.

    Did your vet actually do any xrays or exams to rule out that anything is wrong internally?? Lethargic and no appetite are generally not very good signs.
  6. You likely already know this, but if she is panting a lot, that can be a sign of pain management.
  7. Thanks for all your ideas. I decided today to put her down. I think this is the right decision. I can't get any food into her and she's just laying around. I have a vet that makes house calls coming in a few hours. Thanks again for all your support.
  8. I am so sorry to hear your decision but it is probably for the best. Is that her in your avatar? She is a cutie. Lots of :hugs: to you tonight.
  9. I'm so sorry, but I believe this is best for your dear companion when they stop eating anything at all.

    Love to you at this very sad time.
  10. I'm so sorry...
  11. So sorry for your situation, but you are most likely doing the right thing. We had reached a similar point with our basset hound, but my husband is so softhearted and was so attached, I fear we made a poor decision and waited a bit too long. I don't the old fellow (dog, not husband) was in any great pain, but when we had him put down it was an emergency situation, with middle of the night trip to vet after seizures, etc. It was harder on all of us than need be, we should have done it the week before when we decided to wait another month.
    I applaud you for making the right decision.
  12. I'm so sorry ..
  13. I'm so sorry to hear this, but I think you're doing a wise decision for your beloved. I know how difficult it is to lose a pet (I've also lost mine few days ago), but it also pains us to see them suffering tremendously. Sending out some hugs and love your way!
  14. I am so sorry :hugs:
  15. Thanks for all your warm thoughts. Yes, that is Misha in my avatar. She used to be so energetic and mischievous, but the last few months she just layed around. The last week, I couldn't even get her to eat bacon or steak. I knew it was time. I woke up this morning relieved that I didn't have to worry about what to make her for breakfast to try to get her to eat something. That is when I knew I really made the right decision. I know she is now enjoying endless rounds of fetch in the big dog park in the sky. Thanks again.