Elderberry/MBMJ turnlock leather question

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  1. I really want to get something in elderberry, which I saw at Nordies IRL and is a true eggplant shade, one of my favorite colors. It's very deep and rich.

    I'm worried about how it wears. Anyone own one long enough to find out? Is it fading in rubbed spots? The Quinn in the store had a lighter spot on one pocket edge already, but I don't know if it was made that way or rubbed against something.

    I have a Quinn in mouse grey (Fall 07) and there are slight uneven patches in the coloring after being carried frequently. My impression is that the MBMJ turnlock collection leather doesn't hold up as well as say, the MJ collection soft calf, at least dye-wise.
    The elderberry is such a rich color that any uneven wear would look pretty bad, I think.

    Anyone have any experience yet with the elderberry fading? Or experience from other dark-colored turnlock bags (like the midnight)? Thanks!
  2. I haven't had my Teri long enough to answer this, but I'd love to hear how other dark dyes have worn on peoples' MbMJ turnlock bags. The midnight would probably be comparable I would think. I guess it could be a case of "you get what you pay for" since the MbMJ line is less expensive than the collection line. I'll definitely keep you posted!
  3. Hmmm...I've had the MBMJ turnlock bowler in black since October 2006 and it still looks perfect. I don't use it everyday or when the weather is bad but I have used it a lot. HTH!
  4. ^ I agree with krmroboto, I've had my Teri (both in Black and Midnight) for a while now and they still look pristine - no faded areas, uneven spots, anything! I think the Turnlock line is one of the best quality lines from MbMJ IMO
  5. ^Yay!! Good to know:tup:
  6. Thanks, kmroboto and telicious!
    That gives me hope. . .I left the store with the Quinn actually!:graucho: (yes, I'm on a roll this week; I should cut up the cc but I've already memorized the number from typing it for online shopping).
    I was debating whether to return it though, because of this issue.
    I want to use it as a work bag, so it will get heavy use, like my mouse Quinn did. Not sure why my mouse Quinn looks so beat up now. Maybe it was always like that and I just don't remember.
  7. BTW, did you ladies treat your turnlock bags with any kind of protectant?
  8. I've had my midnight faridah for a few months now and it's probably the most used bag out of my MJ's. I've been using it a couple of weeks straight as an every day bag and everytime I look at my bag it still looks new. :love:

    I kept worrying about darkening or fading on the corners since it's a dark bag but I haven't seen any problems. I've never pre-treated the bag so I guess I don't have to worry about it. But I'd also like to know if anyone has treated their bags?
  9. I have the midnight Teri which I bought a few months ago. I haven't used it but it still looks pretty amazing (just as it should for something sitting in the dustbag :P), no faded spots, etc. Just be aware though that when I tried to condition my bag, I found that there was some minor color lifting. Nothing big but just thought you should know.
  10. My Fire Faridah is pretty new(from the spring) but I did carry it 24/7 this summer and I was worried about the color. What I noticed was that the leather would get a little "dry" in spots where it rubbed a lot and look lighter than the rest of the bag. Some conditioner fixed her right up and made the color look saturated again.

    Also, seriously the Elderberry is TDF. I'm having a hard time resiting it:sweatdrop:
  11. good to know that the conditioner helped! :yes:

    you shouldn't try to resist the elderberry.:nogood:
  12. hmmmmmmm...they made the softy zip clutch thing in elderberry right??
  13. But I'm so close to saving up enough for a Carter:sweatdrop:, eek!

  14. Yup, and a turnlock wristlet and also flap wallet I think. Key pouch too.:yes:

    Thanks Spacey, for the conditioner tip. I'll try that on my mouse Quinn.
  15. I really wanted a Quinn in Elderberry but the one I saw had spots under the handle that were lighter than the rest of the bag like the color had rubbed off. The Cranberry mini Quinn had similiar marks. I don't know if this particular boutique got a bad batch or something? :confused1: I still really want to a bag in Elderberry though, it's a gorgeous color!
    My Faridah in cream from Spring is still perfect after much use.