Elder Abuse

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  1. Does anyone here have any professional experience with elder abuse?

    I am aware of a situation I believe needs to be reported to the local authorities and I want to go about it as well-informed as possible.

  2. I haven't but this seems urgent, I would just go ahead with the report.
  3. hi,

    I'm not suire what country you're in but in the UK Social services departments will have an Adult Protection Team. You begin by ringing the Social Services access line and then make a referral on that person's behalf.

    (Of course if it's physical then trhe police are the first port of call.)
  4. Report it! So often abuse of the elderly doesn't get reported. They're adults so people just don't think about the horrible things that can happen. My mother is a nurse and some of the stories she has told me make me shudder. :sad:
  5. If I were you, I'd report it and let them investigate it. (And if you feel more comfortable reporting it anonymously, then do it that way, just as long as you report it.)
  6. I think there might be info in your local yellow pages to let you know who to contact.
  7. I think United Way has a sort of all-purpose line you can call to get a referral to the right agency in your community.

    I agree that it is an urgent situation, and could save a life.

    Thank you for getting involved, and reminding us that we all have a responsibility to those who cannot help themselves, whether old, young, or in between!
  8. You should report it, it will open an investigation. Is it a relative? I used to work at a law firm that specialized in elder abuse.
  9. the people in health care i see treat people pretty well. most elders i see in nursing comes if someone is rude to them will bite or hit so we dont mess with them.
  10. If you believe there's a situation, PLEASE report it! My mother works as a live-in caregiver for an elderly man with Parkinson's, and I know from what she tells me that situations of abuse and neglect are rampant in the senior community! It certainly can't hurt you -- or the elderly person involved -- to ask the authorities to at least check on the situation.
  11. Yes, please report it! My aunt was the victim of elder neglect at her nursing home and died way before her time at only 62. She was strapped down to her bed because she was too weak to sit up, went into a diabetic coma (she was apparently an undiagnosed diabetic...another hospital oversight), and choked to death due to some food that was in her mouth. It was a very violent, tragic way to go. We are in the process of a lawsuit now and of course in retrospect, we wish we had monitored her care more closely. THANK YOU for being proactive about this!