Elastic stam question

  1. Just got my new elastic stam in blue today. So excited:yahoo:

    I have a question for you stam gals (now I am one of you too!): the leather seems really "stiff", and the bag is not as slouchy as I thought it would be. There is a hard board-like thing at the bottom of the bag, so it has this squared look when I carry it. Do you see what I mean?

    Is that normal? I stuffed the bag with some of my clothes to try to soften the leather a little, don't know if that will help though... any suggestions?

    I purchased the bag through Shopbop, so there shouldn't be any authenticity problems right?

    Thanks a lot gals!
  2. ^^ No authenticity problems at Shopbop.

    I haven't had my elastic stam bag long enough to evaluate slouch ( I have the kid) but LOVE the look and feel of the leather.