Elastic Flats Dilemma: What is a size US 10 in Chanel shoes?

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  1. I am having shoe dilemmas lol!

    I usually wear either a 9.5 or a 10 US in shoes. I want to get a pair of those cute elastic ballerina flats but am unsure of the size.

    My sa said a size 40 is equal to a US 10 so she suggested I get a size 40. I asked them to measure the insole and they were right around 10". Imo, that is more like a size 9 than a 10 so I didn't get them.

    I need about 10.5" for a flat shoe so I am thinking that maybe a size 41 would fit?? Anyone have any thoughts? Does anyone have these particular shoes in a size 40.5 or 41 and can tell me what US size they wear or measure the insoles for me?

    I am so confused.:shrugs:
  2. I normally wear a 7 1/2 US and I bought these in size 38. I didn't keep them however, I never look right in flats. I think you'll be safe if you go up 1/2 size.
  3. I wear a size 10 and whenever I buy European, I end up getting their version of an 11. I hate it but it fits.
  4. So that would be a size 41? Do you usually wear a 41 in Chanel shoes?

    Thanks so much for the responses thus far ladies!
    I GREATLY appreciate it!:yes:

    It is too funny because the 1-800 number tells me a size 10 is one size and the boutique SA's tell me it is another. I can use all the help I can get.:p
  5. I always size a 1/2 up in Chanel. If you're considering flats, Size 9.5 would be 40 Size 10 would be 40.5.

    I'm in agreement with Smooth, I wear 7.5 and bought size 38 in the flats.
  6. I also have to size up in European shoes. I wear a 10, but in Chanel flats I wear a 41 1/2.
  7. I wear a 41 or a 41.5 in Chanel shoes and most other european shoes too. My usual size is a 9.5 or a 10... So best bet would be a size 41 IMO. Let us know how they fit.
  8. I also wear a 10 (size 40) but in Chanel, I need at the very least a 10 1/2 (40 1/2) or even an 11 (41).
  9. I also wear one 1/2 size up in chanel, sounds like there is definite consensus! go up 1/2 size, so for example, size 37.5 is US 7.5, 38 is 8, 38.5 is 8.5, 39 is 9, 39.5 is 9.5, 40 is 10 then go up 1/2 with the 40.5 or 10.5!

    Good luck!
  10. Normally I go up at least a half size in Chanels...HOWEVER..Your title states elastic shoes.If they are the new ones I think they are..I didnt go up a size in them as they ran big on me...do you have a pic of the style?

  11. I am talking about these :yes:

    I got a 40.5 in those diamond stitched cork wedges and they were too small. I got the 40.5 instead of the 40 because the SA said they run 1/2 size small and they still didn't fit.:shrugs: A 41 would have fit fine in those but I didn't think they would be comfy enough for me no matter the size (I am very picky with shoes lol).

    Due to the responses thus far, I am thinking maybe a size 41 would work for the elastic flats. I just hate to have to return shoes when they don't fit. It is so disappointing.:crybaby:
  12. I am usually a US 9 and I had to go up a full size when I bought a pair of Chanel flats. They were not the elastic flats though.
  13. I have the beige elastic flats from last year and tried the pink this year (didn't get them) but I still prefer a half, if not full size up, in Chanel.
  14. for sure a half size up,,i even have ballet slippers in Chanel that are a full size up, but those shoe inserts take care of that

    btw, that green bag is now, as i type, singing this song to me (to tune of "Danny Boy")

    "Oh Clau-di-ah! The SAs are callllingggg
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  15. LOL! :nuts: