Elana's (Japster) pregnancy Journal

  1. I figured I'd actually do one of these. After you pop out the first one (this is my 3rd child), you start to get lax in the attention you pay to baby books, pictures or whatnot.

    With each pregnancy I get a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum which is a severe Morning sickness. My last pregnancy I went from 130lbs to 91lbs and ended up with bicept cathetors (PICC lines) that fed me Hyper Al. I was finally able to eat food by about my 15th or 16 week of pregnancy. I ended up with a healthy baby girl and a $200k hospital bill.

    I also have infertility issues (I know I'm a prize I tell ya!), and was on all sorts of hormones, drugs, charting, etc after also losing a tube from a ectopic pregnancy last year. I gave it all up out of frustration in December and of course ended up PREGNANT on NO medication and no planning. Ironic, isn't it. LOL.

    This trial of Hypemesis has been rough but nowhere near as bad as last time. I've been in the hospital twice so far, but only with IV fluids, Zofran & phernergen therapy rather than TPN PICC line therapy.

    My 1st "belly shot" is in bed Feb 16th at the hospital LOL

    And this is a few days ago looking a little bit better I hope LOL :smile:
    To be continued...
  2. Congrats on the pregnancy! Hopefully this time around will be a little easier on you! and of course would love to hear all about it!
  3. Congrats! I hope you are feeling better!
  4. I am so happy for you Elana!!!! I know what you're going through...I only gained 25 lbs w/ the twins b/c the first 6 months I threw up 5-6 times a day! Then it went down to 2-3 times and my boys were healthy and went the full term. I also had fertility problems...the whole 9 yards!

    Mazel Tov Bubby!!
  5. Shushopn, Thank you Bubbeleh! I've heard how a twin's pregnancy can exacerbate the nausea. I really feel for you, thank goodness the boys aren't still in there, eh? LOL
  6. Oh, wow, congrats!!

    I feel for you and the morning sickness. I had the same thing you had..I threw up like 40 times a day for 5 months. I was so skinny that no-one knew I was pregnant until I was 7 months gone! I had to have phenergan as well.

    Keep us posted. We'd love to hear from you!
  7. congratulations on your pregnancy elana!
  8. Elana... thanks for sharing your journey with us!!! I love follow this and really wish you the best- hopefully you keep feeling a bit better!!!! :heart:
  9. I am a HG sufferer too!! Was hospitalised during my last pregnancy but I lost the baby at 10 weeks (missed abortion). HG would have been worth it for me if I carried to full term. So hang in there, E!! I wish you get lots better soon.
  10. Elana! I had no idea you were preggers! big congrats girl!
  11. Congrats Elana! I'm so happy for you! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats Elana!! Sending you warm wishes from the west (of milwaukee, that is!).

    Hey, I still do my Trader Joe's run once a week and would be happy to pick something up for you. Just PM me.

    Best of luck!!
  13. Elana you look fab! Hope you are feeling better! Mucho congrats on the babies.
  14. Japster.. Congratulations again on your pregnancy and i truly look forward to read more and more in this journal..:smile:
  15. Congratulations!!! What an exciting time for you :biggrin: Seems like a lot of the ladies on tPF are pregnant - seems like I'm noticing those little tickers all over the place...or maybe I'm just paying more attention now? lol

    Hope that the morning sickness gets better! Did you experience it throughout your whole pregnancy with your last two babies or did it go away after a little while?

    Congratulations again!!