Elady - everything on sale!

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  1. I know my wish list on that website is a mile long, I went on the site today and save EVERYTHINGGGGG is on sale! Just a heads up, check it out! If it's your first order you also get an extra 5% off, now is the perfect time to pull the trigger!
    I'm not affiliated with the website at all, I just love a good deal and wanted to pass along the excitement!!!! :woohoo:
  2. Can anyone confirm whether or not elady is a reputable reseller of LV bags?
  3. I would like to know that too please :smile:
  4. I did a search in the forum threads and a few people have bought from them and do recommend using them. However, there is a (high?) possibility that a Customs/Duty tax will be charged to you once you receive the item when you pick it up at the post office.
  5. I have purchased from them before and will again if they have something I want. Of course I had the great people on the Authenticate site look at it first but I recommend. I have not had to pay any customs or duty tax from them here in the US
  6. I purchased my keepall 45 from them, it's much better than described and absolutely no smell. Packaging was brilliant and communication was very good.

    If I wouldn't get so stung by UK customs i'd buy from elady again.
  7. I'm in the uk do you know how much customs charge , please
  8. Yes they charge 20% vat and parcelforce charge to deliver 13.50 so I paid an extra £67. I won't order from abroad again
  9. I live in the USA. I have only ordered from them once, but I got my order within 4 days and didn't have to pay any customs charges [knock on wood].
  10. I have ordered from them once. I live in the US. I didn't pay customs but I only bought a SLG, not a bag.
  11. I have ordered from them and everything went great. Very fast shipping. I did have the items double checked here in the authenticate this thread. They were in better than described shape, and I was very pleased. I don't know about customs duties in other places, but I think in the US you might owe customs over a certain amount, but don't quote me on that. My items we not overly expensive, so I owed no customs.
  12. Elady are awesome! I'm another that got stung by UK customs and Parcelforce (who take their sweet time btw! Check parcel progress online and call up to pay customs charges. Don't wait for the letter)

    I will definitely order from elady again. But I'll time it with when my mum wants to order (I doubt we'll save money this way but you never know!)
  13. I am defiantly going to buy off elady , I cannot find a online pre-loved sight in the uk that such a array of bags for sale and I think the customs charge still makes it cheaper than buying from the uk. Also I love older bags that have a history and are a bit battered :smile: I just need to choose which one I want now
  14. Today is my first time purchasing from elady global. I was very hesitant at first but because of the good reviews here on TPF I decided to take that chance. I'm still a little nervous but it's a good thing they have a return policy. Will post pictures as soon as item arrive.
  15. I think I will be buying my 2nd LV purchase from elady thanks to the good reviews here!