Ekseption.es duties

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  1. Has anybody ordered from ekseption.es from the us? We're you charged duties? Thanks!
  2. I want to order from ekseption.es as well. Saw something that I really want and only this site has it arghhhh!!! I wonder how much shipping I have to pay for US/Canada. Can someone please help answer our questions?
  3. I think you need to ask your local tax office. The application of taxes and customs is on arrival to your country and they should know.
  4. The best way to tell when you're shopping on a foreign website is to add the item to your cart and continue to checkout to see how much you'll pay!
  5. I ended up ordering and shipping it to the US border (I am located in Canada). They were an exotic snakeskin so I was concerned about duties. In the end I was not charged customs, but i was charged UPS Brokerage fees of $93 on a $980 purchase. Hope this helps
  6. Hi everyone,

    I know this is an old thread, but I just purchased a pair of leather shoes on sale. It is delivering via UPS but the package got delayed at Fish and Wildlife Agency. I don't even know what this means...I just hope I don't get charged exorbitant amount of tax.
  7. I just wanted to update that I was charged approximately 15% duty (USA) for a pair of leather shoes.