EJ's bag collection

  1. Hey all,

    Just posting pictures of what I have so far in my collection.

    Hopefully, more will come in the near future.

    Afterall, we all have a bag fetish! :p
    Bastille Musette Geronimos.jpg Andrei.jpg Cabas Innsbruck.jpg Amman.jpg Small Leather Goods.jpg
  2. Cute LVs!! Love your LV accessories!!! :heart:
  3. Welcome fellow newbie!!

    I love your collection!!

    Damier is my middle name! :drool:
  4. great collection! love the panda zippy
  5. What a fantastic collection!! Great taste!
  6. Awesome collction!!! I am drooling over that Amman... :drool:
  7. Very nice :biggrin: lovely!
  8. very nice :smile: congrats.
  9. i love your leather goods! :sweatdrop:
  10. Fabulous collection!!! I love the cabas innsbruck the pandas and the groom collection!Congrats!!
  11. You have a great collection. :smile:
  12. You have fabulous taste! I adore your collection.
  13. great bags!!! :smile: i esp, love the cabas innsbruck and the pieces with the pandas! soo nice
  14. Very nice :smile:
  15. Great collection