EJ Wells- Days Fan!

  1. I am absolutely in love with EJ Wells from Days of Our Lives! He is so sexy :yahoo:

    Anyone else love him? :yes:

  2. Been a big Days fan since the 80's-my Mom got me into it. EJ Wells is not like a typical Dimera-he is Gorgeous! BTW- Do you think Sammy's baby is his or Lucas'....
  3. I hope the baby is his I used to love Sammi with Lucas and really wanted them together but EJ is just soooo effing HOT! LOL I LOVE DAYS!
  4. I am so glad that I am not the only one lusting after him every day!
  5. He is so hot! I was sad when they killed him on All My Children.....
    Hope is isn't going to get knocked off of Days, alot of people are talking about killing him!!!
  6. Whew! EJ is smokin' hot.
    I can't wait to see what happens w/ the whole "EJ, Sami, & Celeste" murder plot.
  7. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode! It will be so exciting. I don't want EJ to die though! :crybaby:He's just so beautiful!

    I think the baby is EJ's.
  8. Any pics of EJ you would like to share, BTW?
  9. I hope they don't kill him! Is his accent real? I think that makes him seem even more attractive...
  10. whew!, indeed! that video is great! EJ is too gorgeous..
  11. bethann - that video was great! really got my day off to a good start! thanks! :drool:
  12. it's killing me that sami hasn't met EJ at the cabin yet! i hope he doesn't die!

    ejami all the way!
  13. Whew! He is a hottie! I have been watching days for about 15 years now and he is def one of the hottest guys they've had on here.