Either you totally love or hate these! Tell me!


What do you think of these bags?

  1. Its all LUV baby!

  2. Ugh, you need to go somewhere wit that!

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  1. Look at these bags from Roxbury! I've never heard of them before, and they aint cheap!
    These two bags are close to $500 bucks each! One of my friends totally loves the bags and the other kind of winced in distaste, as for me, Im still undecided.

    What do you think? Too over the top? gorgeous? hideous?
    51B02CaYSkL._SS500_.jpg imagemagic.php.jpg
  2. I dont think they are hideous but they're not something I would get for myself either. So like you, I'd say: undecided!
  3. Unless YOU really like it, it's a waste of money no matter what your friendettes' opinions are. Wait untill something really speaks out to you. Wait untill you feel like you NEED something.
  4. I actually really like them! I especially love the purple color of the first one:tup:

  5. I have to say, i really like the bag. I dont really know much about the brand to know if they are worth buying though. But from the look of it, its a pretty nice bag
  6. Although I really like the general shape/style of these bags, there's something about braided and basket-weave leather that has always said 'cheap' to me. Not sure why, but I just can't seem to get past it. Other than that I like these bags.
  7. too much braiding and weaving going around. If it was more simple, it'd be nice but there's way too much going on on that bag. And for 500 dollars? I'd save for a nicer bag :biggrin:
  8. I actually like the shape of this bag and think it will work well for work and play but...different sized woven places, studs, tassles and the braided straps just make this too busy.
  9. They look pretty functional (I'm a fan of big bags) but the weaving is too much for me. I've never heard of these bags, what's the deal with them (i.e., why so expensive for a lesser-known brand)?
  10. The shape is nice, and the colors are pleasant. But, as paintednightsky stated above there is just too much braiding.
  11. They don't sway me either way. The leather looks nice, but there is an awful lot of braiding. The shape is nice, but sort of boring. I can't say I like them, but I can't say they're ugly either. :shrugs:
  12. I like the black one quite a lot. The shape with the tassels going down, the diagonal weave reflecting the shape - I like. It is busy, would have to see and feel to know for sure. Not a fan of busy or outside pockets on bags as a rule but this one, nice.
  13. I like the shape, but it has too much weaving going on for me.