Either love it or hate it Chanel bags

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  1. Personally, i think Chanel usually keeps the design of thier bags classic so i can't name many bags that i think are only exclusive for not so soft-hearted ladies.

    Anyway,IMO , perforated is not in my wish list but i think a lot of people must find it beautiful.

    What is your either-love-it-or -hate -it-Chanel bags?
  2. I love most Chanel fans but I'm not a huge fan of the new Paris Biaritz line, too diaper bags for me. Also not Baby Animals, it's just too wierd. Love Classics, perforated, all flaps, Modern Chain, Diamond Stitch, Rock and Chain, all reissues and the list goes on and on and on...
  3. Hmmm .... I guess the Biarritz line.

    Don't get me wrong I'll still take one if someone wants to get me one for free :smile:
  4. Ditto on the P.B. line. Any bag that is too trendy. I really lean like a Monterey/Carmel tree towards the classic flaps, reissue -- in any offering of material, leathers, python. (Weenus or weeni -- sorry weenies. I can't help but laugh every time I even see a pic of one.)

  5. I don't like the Paris Biaritz line too... !!! there's one that even looks like a gain comestic bag....
    also, I don't quite like the classic tote... it's a nice looking bag.. but seem too mature looking.. I like hip styles... even a classic flap can look hip with the right kinda of outfit.. but classic tote ...............hm...just don't like it.

    but love love the Exp line, perf line, any reissue, rock ad chain and soft and chain and Cabas.... they're just fabulous.!!!!!
  6. I love any flap, Love the Cambon line too.

    Not too crazy for the Perf or Modern Chain (they're just not me, no offense to anyone who loves them).
  7. I don't like the Cabas, cambon, cotton club, cloudy bundle, anything denim, anything vinyl, and really not crazy about the GST or PST either.
  8. i honestly can't think of any chanel bag that i really "hate". usually, if i see a bag i don't like, i just figure someone else can rock it. that's what i love about chanel! :heart:
    i guess my least favorite of all time was the huge vinyl cabas, but i do think the leather baby cabas is cute. the vinyl was just too oversize and unflattering imho.
    i'll be the odd man out about the PB line: i think the PB line is great for casual summer days or travel. most of them are simple classic totes which i like, even if the bags aren't made of leather.
  9. I think classic flap seems to be a safe choice. Otherwise it wouldn't have stood a test of time this long. I think that anything which is made of Vinyl or exotic leather can put someone off.
  10. not keen on the perforated line.

  11. Poor PB! :crybaby: I agree, I think it's a great casual and travel bag also.
  12. I love the classic flaps and the cambon, but I don't really like the perforated ones so I don't see myself buying the perforated ones anytime soon, but other than that, I love all styles of Chanel.
  13. Not a fan of anything with fur.

  14. well said Jennifer!
  15. Ditto!!