Eileen Fisher & Comparable Labels

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  1. I love Eileen Fisher clothes..... they fit me well and they're stylish, yet classic. I always feel well-dressed when wearing this line. I was wondering, however, if there are any other labels that are comparable so that I can expand my wardrobe choices? :yes:
  2. You might like Theory.
  3. Try Sigrid Olsen. The style, fit, price, and quality are comparable to Eileen Fisher. I just bought a pair of S.O. cords that are well on their way to becoming my new favorite pants!
  4. I used to buy a lot of Eileen Fisher when I was working and needed nice clothes to wear every day. I don't buy much of it anymore because after a while, the styles all started to look the same and some of them were pretty ugly. Also, I am a stay at home mom now so I don't need to wear really nice stuff every day anymore. I agree that many of them are nice and classic too though. Also, I had two babies in the last three years but I am looking forward to wearing some of my EF clothes that I couldn't wear until I lost my baby weight.

    I like DKNY. I just recently bought a Theory blouse and I like many of their styles. But I think it is a little more trendy than EF. Also, Ellie Tahari has some pretty things.
  5. Some Tahari is comparable also. I totally agree with you though-I just bought an Eileen Fisher houndstooth overcoat last night for wearing over my Nanette Lepore dress Saturday night. We're going out for our 14th anniversary,which is actually today. My coat is gorgeous!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions. I did some major shopping at Neiman's and Saks the past couple of days and bought a ton of Ellen Tracy (on sale). Loved the Theory and Tahari too. Sigred Olsen is on my shopping list for this weekend.