Eileen Fischer? Possible Juicy Alternative??

  1. Ok so my friend just came over for a playdate and she was wearing leggings with ballet flats and an Eileen Fisher sweater that was longer over the leggings..she looked so cute! I am a huge fan of my Juicy suits, but after seeing her..I started to think how classic and great she looked..so I looked a little online at the Eileen Fisher brand, and it looks very basic and some of the things look cute..has anyone tried this brand? It looks comfy but pulled together at the same time..I am pretty small though so I am not sure how it would fit..thoughts???
  2. I used to wear a lot of EF but I got tired of their stuff because they don't change it up much and a lot of the stuff is made of fabrics I can't wear (like wool and lambswool).
  3. I wear it all the time. I own so many pieces! The Eileen Fisher website has a lot of things, but Saks and NMs have lots of other styles too and they mark them down often.

    The look is totally different than Juicy IMO, but it suits me!

    As for the sizing, everything is huge on me. I normally wear a size 8 or 10, and in Eileen Fisher I always get a small in pants and tops then have them altered even smaller.

    I like sweaters looser, so medium works fine for me.
  4. Yes, it usually runs pretty big.
  5. Eileen Fisher has, hands down, the most beautiful colors for every season. I think the quality is fair for the price (not extraordinary, but certainly acceptable), and most of the pieces are very basic. A wardrobe full of EF could get quite dull, but I don't think you'd regret adding a few pieces here and there.
  6. I've found that too. Sometimes I'm disappointed with the quality, especially on the sweaters. I have had a few that unraveled. And I did buy a wool coat that wasn't lined. I won't do that again. But overall it's good quality that will last and it is easy to wear.

    I usually wear other things besides an entire EF outfit. I also like Ellen Tracy and Dana Buchman as well as Burberry and some of the Ralph Lauren pieces.

    Another nice thing about EF is that it is really easy to wear and show off nice jewelry, shoes and handbags with the clothes. :yes: