Eight year old twins find 2.5 carat raw diamond in the park

  1. Eight-year-old twins find costly raw diamond in US state park

    Mon Mar 12, 1:30 PM

    MIAMI (AFP) - A couple of eight-year-old twin boys have found a 2.50 carat raw diamond that could be worth thousands of dollars, according to the director of a state park in the southern US state of Arkansas.
    "They thought it was a piece of mica. When they learned it was a diamond, there were many 'woo hoos' and high-fives exchanged," said Rachel Engrecht of the Crater of Diamonds State park.

    She said the children found the 2.50 carat diamond during the weekend in the park, where visitors are encouraged to prospect for the precious stones.

    Another park official, Bill Henderson told AFP on Monday the gem could be worth several thousands of dollars.

    He said the stone, named the "Duncan twins" after its young boys who found it, has a sparkling metallic look and is "almost heart shaped."
  2. Yes, I've heard this happens many times a year in that national park in arkansas, there's a huge diamond mine there. Someting like the world's 6th largest deposit of diamonds, the owner closed the mines for some reason...
  3. I wish I lived near a park like that!
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  5. wow! never heard of this before.
  6. Lucky! I would love to be the mother of those twins, lol!
  7. wow, that's my kind of park! Way to kick start their college fund!
  8. hahahhaa, i tried to convince my parents to vacation there just for the park!
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  10. Road trip!

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  12. LOL there are people who live nearby that go there everyday, I would like to go one day as well. The mine is so rich that diamonds can be found on the surface of the ground, and I believe there is a rule of digging no deeper than 3 feet.
  13. tPF meet up in Arkansas??? ASAP!!!
  14. I think we might have to take a family vacation there!:smile:
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