Eight Petrol Patent Sandal and bag.

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  1. I wondered if anyone has seen these IRL. I have fallen in love with the Eight (do not know why they call it that) Petrol Patent Sandal and have put my name down every where for them so I can get a pair as soon as they come into the UK, wondered if they was out in the US yet along with the bag that goes with them. I found the Sandal on Choos website, new for 08.
  2. Hi Saich2 - welcome to the Choo forum. I just gave Casey (the wonder Choo SA in Chicago) a call about the Eight. She said that the US boutiques did not buy that sandal. It is pretty cool, but wooo, 4.5" tall! I did see the petrol patent in the Tasha and Tecla bags. The Tasha is ~1795.00 USD and the Tecla ~995.00 USD I really like the Tasha, but in the green python. Only the UK is getting the green python and they won't ship it to the US.

    Casey's phone number is 1-312-255-1170.
  3. ^jburgh, do you have a picture of the green python Tasha? Sounds divine!
  4. Thanks juburgh, yes I would love to see the green python also, bet its a stunning bag, I am in the UK, wonder what this bag will retail for.

    Loved this Petrol Sandal, I am OK in a 4.5 heel but if you put me in a 5 inch I just cannot walk....lol
  5. You are welcome. The green python Tasha is on the Choo website. It is shown for £1,395.00. I think that is pretty reasonable for a retail price on an exotic. If you see it in any of the boutiques, please post your impressions.

    Same for the petrol sandals. I love the Acre petrol sandal!

  6. Too funny! I say the same thing. 1/2 an inch difference and I feel as if I am going to break my neck! The shoe is beautiful!!!! :love:
  7. Yes I so love these shoes
  8. I can't wait to see petrol patent IRL! Which bag are you going for exactly?
  9. I was looking at this bag, but its the shoes I so want.......
  10. Saich2 - That bag, the Tani, was not ordered by the US Choo boutiques.