Eiffel Tower in Orange - Arrived Today!

  1. Well, the reason I don't have any money for a Kelly is because I buy overpriced H items on eBay.:p

    I succumbed to the cuteness of the Eiffel Tower purse charm in orange, paid a ridiculous amount for it from a tPF trusted seller (Nepherisis, who was great, BTW) and it arrived today....

    ..... and I love it!!!:yahoo: Worth every penny!!

    Here it is on our beautiful model, Miss Chocolate Evelyne.:smile:
  2. OMG, that's lovely! Congrats!
  3. oh that looks FANTASTIC!!! LOVE orange and brown! congrats!
  4. Love that charm...congrats!!
  5. Love it! Congrats!
  6. Awwwwww adorable! Congrats gal! :yahoo:
  7. i love it!!!!
    i love how the orange Eiffel Tower is so french and Hermes and how the Blue Jean is so quintessentially french! cant go wrong with either! enjoy!!
  8. It looks so cute on the Evelyne! Congrats!!!
  9. I love it, congrats!!
  10. :drool: Gorgeous!!!!
  11. oh, that is just SO cute! i adore it in orange....i wish they were still available in the store. lucky girl! it looks wonderful on your evelyne :smile:
  12. It looks fabulous!!
    I have the eiffel tower in orange too.
  13. aww it's so cute!!
  14. I'm so glad you got it! I was soooo tempted...because I love it in Orange.....alas no more out there it seems:crybaby:
  15. Good looking Kallie Girl!!
    I love the orange!!!!!!!!! IT looks wonderful on your model! And what a beautiful model she is.

    If someone has an extra I'll trade them a bleu jean one!