Eiffel Tower and Heart Leather Charms

  1. i want the above mentioned leather charms very much. i wanted to ask you if you knew the retail price for them and whether or not there is a chance in snowball hell i can find them at Hermes these days.
    ps. i found an orange Eiffel Tower on eBay for $285. is that an ok price? and ok, last questions
    1- does it come in other colours
    2- how do you think orange would look hanging off a Noisette Kelly?
    [i'd love pics of yours if you have them, hanging off your bags!!]:love:
    ok that is all. merci beaucoup.
  2. Eiffel tower comes in orange and blue jean. :flowers:
  3. Croissant, both the Eiffel Tower and leather heart key chains were about $115. The Eiffel Tower was special to Hawaii. Try calling the Hawaii stores, they may still have a couple. Actually, the Eiffel Tower is kind of vertical and to me doesn't look so great hanging on my 35 birkin, but might look fine on your kelly. Since you asked, I think the red heart would look better with the noisette.

    I'm at a different location than Eiffel right now, or I would attempt to post a pic of it on my bag. :smile:
  4. thank you both!!
    what colour red is the heart and is it available currently? [i think someone said it was]
    i will call H Hawaii stores tomorrow. paying nearly double is silly.
  5. ooh i've been looking at those too! they're fabulous! thanks for asking the question as i was wondering as well!
  6. I have been looking at that too, I like the palm trees embossed on it. I just cant bring myself to pay over double what the retail was for a keychain either, but then again, it is SO cute!
  7. You have a lovely and particular fashion sense so I do not want to infer with your instincts. However, I would personally love the combination of the orange against noisette. Good luck finding a great charm.
  8. Croissant......I think either one would work beautifully. I have the heart which I hang on my HAC! I have a soft spot for both these designs!!!!

    If you don't do the leather keychains how about a gold charm? I used to hang the gold Pegasus from the handle hardware of Noisette and found that this charm was perfect for the proportions of the bag. The larger charms looked too heavy but the smaller/lighter ones look perfect. The heart, the Pegasus, harp, snail.
  9. Croissant~
    I have both key chains. I love the heart. The eiffel tower comes from the World Festival 2006 in Hawaii. It is only available there and on eBay. I purchased mine for $167.00 I think that it looks great especially on my black birkin.
    Good luck finding them.
  10. sarahgirl- thank you! yes, i thought it might look nice and rich together.

    shopmom- i definetely want a gold charm but the only one i'm really into is the heart in gold. i have yet to find one.

    sus, if you would pppllease be so very kind--- could you show me a pic of your Eiffel Tower hanging off your bag please/ just want to get an idea of the dimensions!! :heart:
  11. Red heart in my avatar. It's more of a raspberry red.
  12. i know GT i LOVE yours :smile:
    do you have a pic of it on a bag?
  13. I called the Kalakaua boutique and they have a couple of left (Blue Jean Eiffel tower world festival 2006 $135.00)
    They have bleu jean left, no orange left (sold out).
  14. I think its looks cute hanging from my hac 32, I wish I had the orange to make it "pop" but I can't be choosy and I don't want to pay 235 from that seller on eBay.

  15. [​IMG]