Eid and Xmas early reveals.

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  1. #1 Oct 9, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
    Is anybody awake? Im itching to tell you.
    Hi guys i have been good with my ban i think so anyway and have bought two bags only for Eid in the middle of Oct and Xmas.
    As im getting rid of a few i dont use and have cash funds for my birthday this will be used for xmas.
    I dont celebrate Xmas or my Eid as i should really but felt as all u guys do it would be nice if i had my little pressie to share with all yours.
    Any excuse to get a bag its mad.;) I think its Xmas everyday for me.:lol:
    Sp. occasions are better than every week dont u think? So i am getting there slowly.
    Bag rehab is working.:graucho:

    Any wild guesses?
  2. I'm here! I think you will be going for something vintage? :thinking:
  3. Oh good HMGN and you are correct on both:smile:
  4. Something to match your tooled bay?
  5. Def yes i think you know dont you?;)
  6. Just guessing! Is it small and colourful? :smile:
  7. It certainly is.:smile:
  8. Any pics yet?
  9. I thought so! I flagged this bag up to Roxaholic as she was looking for a bay in these colours! I really liked it myself, but I have a few (too many) small bags!
    Enjoy it! Great price too! :dothewave:
  10. Well done gr8 guessing.;)
    Ive always wanted one and my Julie Rio will be swiftly replaced by this beauty.:cool:
    Thanks HMGN.
  11. Congratulations JAN.....look forward to seeing a full reveal once they arrive. :smile:
  12. Gorgeous!
    Please can someone explain me the meaning of Eid (i don't know what it means in german :shame:smile:
  13. Hi Bine,

    Eid is a Muslim festival or holiday....:tup:
  14. Ah,thank you!