Ehh, question...

  1. Ok this is a silly question but.. I LOVE the gretta sandals from Coach in black..
    for the summer time.. I think they are very cute and affordable.. but my question to you all is..

    Would I look ridiculous wearing Coach shoes with a LV handbag?? I know most of you are like.. just buy a Coach bag.. but when I look at Coach bags I'm just like ehh, I could spend a few more dollars and get LV :tup:.

    So Yay or Nay about this ?? [PS I posted this in LV bc thats what all of my handbags and accessories are, not Coach!]

  2. I don't know about others but I wear Coach shoes all the time with my LV's.
  3. that would depend if you like for your accessories to match....
    I think if you like the COACH sandals then go for it and wear it with your LV bag. Personally, it does not matter to me if everything matches.
  4. Thanks beljwl and smileglu!
  5. I believe you should wear what you love...... if it matches :smile:
  6. Lol of course it will !!
  7. I wear by coach sneakers all the time with my LV's do not see a problem with it
  8. I mix brands all the time, it just depends on what combo you are going to use (meaning colorwise)
  9. ^Same here. The ones you were looking at were more neutral though so I'm sure they'll look fine. :yes:
    I have a pair of the tennis shoes (the Mabel's from a couple years ago) in the dark brown and they aren't super obvious. They go with all my LV's.
  10. I think they would be just fine to wear with LV also.
  11. Thanks for all the opinions!

    Hey Rebecca :p
  12. I'm all for mixing as long as you aren't super logo-ed out. I wear my coach bucket hats all the time when it's raining here (which is all the time.) And coach does have super cute sneakers. But two things isn't overkill in my book.
  13. ^^^ITA, I think keeping the logos to a min. is key to making this look work.
  14. Wear what you like. I think it looks kind of tacky to be completely matchy-matchy, so I think the Coach shoes would be a nice mix.
  15. go for it! I actually bought coach snow boots this year that I wear with my LV bags (got them real cheap with the sale they had before xmas)... ENJOY!