1. I am looking to buy my girlfriend a Louis Vuitton bag and I saw a great deal on I need to know 2 things:

    1. Are these authentic bags?


    2. Is this a good website?

  2. No, it's not an authentic site.

    Eluxury is the only online website that sells Louis Vuitton.

    You could try using ebay.
  3. is the only website thatsells Louis Vuitton. I looked at this website, you can tell by the handles that they are faux

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    I just wanted to tell you about an experience I had with I made an order over the internet for 244.22 for a Louis Vuitton bag. After finding out that their products were counterfeit, I canceled the order. To this day I have not received my money back. The FBI is currently investigating this matter. However I don't know if I will ever be reimbursed. So go to xxxx if you want a real authentic bag and its a very good company.
  5. I hate to break it to you, but Balenci also sells fakes. Eluxury is the ONLY website for authentic Louis Vuitton. Any other website offering LV is selling fakes.
  6. ^ :yes::yes:

    If you do a search on Balenci here, you'll find plenty of threads about how members got scammed by that company.
  7. Did anyone use ? I've ordered two handbags and already TT the money to them, after their email confirmation received money, there are no more further email for over 2 weeks time.
  8. Hi, this website is less than a year old and there are no feedback yet here in the forums. I hope your bags arrive soon, it sometimes takes time.
  9. They list a physical address and phone number on their web site - perhaps you should give them a call. They seem to be a reputable Australian company.
  10. Thank you.

    I've try many times to call their number it go through direct to the mail box, and their toll free number is not working anymore.