eh? I wonder what's going on here...

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  1. hahahaha... looking at the bidding history I can't help but laugh... SB $10.99! I just feel bad for the seller cuz you know this transaction isn't going to end well and they'll have to go through a bunch of pain and then have to re-list...
  2. :lol:
  3. that is absolutely hilarious, $15,099
  4. oh boy LOL.
  5. wow, the bidder who bid over and over is obviously a zero feedback bidder...maybe some sort of retaliation? lol
  6. That is crazy. I hope the seller has contacted the highest bidder to make sure it's legit.
  7. Oh my.
  8. :weird: Wow.
  9. In Italy (and probably rest of Europe) we use comma -> , as you use the point -> . maybe someone didn't look well?????
    soooo weird!!! :o
  10. I posted this auction this morning on the shopping thread.

    There is also a Balenciaga that sold for over $9.000.00. That bidder and winner also had 0 feedback.


  11. Maybe it's filled with gold!
  12. that would be so annoying for a seller :cursing:
  13. :wtf:
  14. lol....
    barbygirl looks...suspicous?