Eh.. do you ever just feel empty inside?

  1. Everything is going great in my life and I'm usually a really happy and cheerful person but for some reason tonight I feel kind of empty.. like something is missing or not complete. I can't really explain the feeling.

    Anyone else ever feel like this and how do you get over it?
  2. I feel like this but I've been feeling empty for awhile now. I'm just down in the dumps and can't seem to snap out of it.
  3. ya, I get this feeling a lot...

    it's like... I know I'm really lucky and all to be able to live my life now, but there's just one thing that's always bothered me... I kinda just try to ignore this feeling and concentrate on other things, usually school work keeps me quite busy, otherwise I'm here on tPF lol
  4. ^^ It sucks feeling empty doesn't it? Especially when you don't know what's wrong......since I don't know what's wrong then that means I can't fix it which frustrates me.

  5. It does. I think it is so many things combined for me. I should be happy I am alive today and I should be enjoying life and making the best of each day but sometimes it's hard to do that.
  6. more than i would like..... but that's also because my situation is a total mess....

    but since things in your life are going well, maybe take some time to think about what would make you happy/excite you and go do that?
  7. ^^ I feel a lot happier today! I think it was just last night LOL... you know one of those "depressing" hours.
  8. hey Liz, glad you are feeling better :heart:

    have a great weekend!!
  9. I fill the empty part with ice cream.
  10. Glad to hear you're feeling better! BTW, I guess we all feel empty at times. Maybe it's just our female hormones, I notice I get the feeling more around that time of the month.
  11. I get this feeling too sometimes. I think I get it most when I'm relying on all material stuff to make me happy, instead of my family, friends and God! I have a tendancy to fill the 'void' and medicate the wrong way. lol

    Glad you are doing better today. =)
  12. Happens to me from time to a mixture of sad and blah. You know what helps for me? Getting out of the house and going for a walk.....helps almost everytime to change my mood. Glad your feelin'better :smile:
  13. I kinda felt that way today actually.....just BLAH....some things I normally enjoy just didn't do it for me today....I'm better now. Part of it is serious PMS setting in......I'm going to bed early tongiht. I think good sleep might be the ticket.....glad you're feeling better!

  14. Aww thanks everyone! I'm really happy that I'm feeling more cheerful LOL!

    And to the ice cream comment.. hehe I did take part in eating WAY too much ice cream lmao!! Sooooo Good!
  15. after I left Vegas and my bf went back to NY. I had so much fun there with him and I just felt like all I wanted and needed was him. I didn't even do much TPFing when I got home because I had a couple days where I just didn't care about THINGS, he was enough to make me happy and I felt empty since I didn't have him. Anyway we talk every day so that's good until next time I see him. :heart:

    Anyway I usually watch a movie or tv show I like and it cheers me up right away...for some reason, Legally Blonde does it for me haha. Also, cupcakes are yummy.