Eh...3 bags in 3 months

  1. So I'm such an enabler...and was able to score yet another birkin for me mother :sweatdrop: My lovely SA from Broad street called late yesterday to inform me that she has a bag that I had mentioned a while ago and wanted to know if I still want forward to today afternoon and now it's ours :p I just have to pick it up later when I'm not tied up at is it all too fast? Is a purse ban in session for her now that she has a bj 34 lindy from late June, a maroon fonce 35 birkin from July and now a...
  2. :party:
  3. Broad street is a gold mine, eh?
  4. :nuts: apparently...I don't know how they do it but it seems like they get many birkins/kellys in. I don't know how I was able to get a call so late in the day yesterday, like near closing, and it's still available for me this afternoon. Surely it can't be turned down by other customers, can it? I mean it's a ....... .....!
  5. You're fortunate that your SA offered it to you. And if it's a combo that your Mom would appreciate, go bring the Birkin home! Your SA could well have chosen someone else to offer the Birkin to.
  6. congrats your on a roll!
  7. Wow...on a roll for sure!
  8. How lucky!
  9. What is it???
  10. Is it an Ostrich Kelly?
  11. OOoh....Hmmm....It's a Birkin? A Kelly? Parchemin? Gold? :nuts:
  12. Sweet!!
  13. :wlae:How exciting!
  14. wow, you are on a roll.. you must be a really cool customer and your SA rocks..
  15. f-p, three bags in three months? That is great!! :smile: I'm sure your Mom will love it!! :smile: Congrats!! :smile: