EGGSHELL fans, need some help...

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  1. I am so late to the game but while I was re-evaluating my collection, I started to love my Scarlet Nikki so much. Now I am on a quest to hunt down an Eggshell. I love the leather & I am beginning to love a white/off white bag. I know caring for Eggshell would probably not be so much of a pain but like all white, do you think this is one bag that would discolour/yellow badly over time?

    Also I am undecided between an MAM & a Nikki/mini Nikki. I like Nikki more than a mini but I want to wear Eggshell with Jeans so I think a mini Nikki would reduce denim transfer risk. I also am in love with my MAM White & Black combo so I am easily swayed to love the MAM combo too. Now which one? I would love to have both but I think I need to spend a little bit wisely.

    1. Eggshell & Brown Croc MAM - pic belongs to ivysun


    2. Eggshell Nikki - pic belongs to kimber

  2. Gee, I hope the Eggshell doesn't yellow over time. . . I have one. . . If that concerns you, then maybe you need to get the MAM. At least with the contrasting color, you wouldn't notice it as much if it did. The Mini would definitely help with the jean transfer. However, the Nikki is really pretty with the gold hardware. I don't think I was much help.
  3. Good point with the contrasting colour masking yellowing. Is eggshell yellow-ish in the distressed parts? If it is, then maybe even if it yellows, it would not be noticeable.
  4. Let me go look at mine. . .BRB
  5. In the distressed parts of my bag, it is lighter that the color of the bag. This is the first time I really took a good look at this bag. The leather is amazing. It's really all different colors. It truly looks like an Eggshell. I have some spots on the bag where it is more "yellow" than others. However, I had this bag next to the Double Cream at the SF SS and the Double Cream is definitely more yellow than the Eggshell. If the different colors would bother you, then you may be better off with the MAM. Eggshell is kinda the Cloud Grey of the cream colors.
  6. Look at the top right of Kimber's picture. Mine is like that too--where it is darker than the rest of the bag.
  7. Thank you for checking your bag for me. I actually do like the some parts yellower than others. That way even if it yellows over time, it would look natural IMO. My Scarlet looks like that too, some parts darker than others & that is probably why I love the leather. But I still cannot decide if I want the MAM or Nikki. Both are as GORGEOUS!!!
  8. They really are. . .you have a tough decision to make.
  9. BTW yours is a Nikki? Do you wear with jeans? Do you get denim transfer?
  10. I have to say that I have not used mine yet. I'm waiting for Spring. Dumb, I know.
  11. Pink, have you found a retailer that still has Eggshell, or are you looking on eBay?
  12. baghag411, I would use it & not wait if I were you!

    Tx honeybee, I am still deciding which one to get. Then I would hunt the bag down. I am hoping to hunt a good bargain. Do you know if any retailer has it now?
  13. I'm confused- am I suppose to decide between the two pictures? Or between the eggshell mam and eggshell nikki?
  14. I heard some of the eggshell bags with the brown croc trim have some bleeding of a pink coloration around where the trim meets the eggshell leather. Don't know if this is true.
  15. plilly3, Those 2 pictures belongs to PF'ers. I am trying to decide which to get.

    Tx Honeybee, Thanks for the heads up. That surely is something to think about.