Eggplant vs. Glazed Espresso???

  1. I am wondering... is the leather on these two MA bags similar??? I have read that both are a bit stiffer than the really smooshy ones but not as stiff as say the elephant. Can anyone help who owns one or both of these? Also, which one would you buy if you wanted a neutral earthy bag??? Thanks for your help!
  2. I got the eggplant at the sample sale. The eggplant has more of a purple tint to it but is still very neutral and seems rather brownish purple to me. I had the elephant and returned it because it was too stiff and looked huge on me. The eggplant is definitely nowhere near that stiff, but it is stiffer than my smooshier ones (the royal with basketweave etc). If you like really really REALLY smooshy leather it may not be right for you. But, the leather is still really soft. It is just stiffer and holds its shape more, although it definitely still does slouch a bit.

    I don't have the espresso so I don't know about the texture but from pics I can tell that color-wise, it is more of a chocolate brown while the eggplant is more of a purple-ish brown.

    Hope this helped a bit!
  3. Indybop, I have both colors (MA Eggplant / Matinee GE) and IMO the Eggplant is stiff. The Glazed Expresso doesn't have the stiff feeling to me, it acually slouches nicely when empty. The leather on both bags is very nice but the Glazed Expresso has that yummy smell (if that makes any sense. LOL) :drool: Hitchcock did a good job of explaining the difference in colors (brown vs. purple tones).
    Now, if I had to pick between one or the other I would pick the Glazed Expresso.
  4. Indybop....personally, I'm a HUGE fan of the MA in EGGPLANT!!!! The color is TDF and one of Rebecca's faves!!!

    There's one MA in Eggplant on eBay right now that is TDF!!! And the seller is AWESOME!!!!!! The price.....will make you scream!!!!

    I say for for the EGGPLANT MA!!!!!
  5. I'd go with Eggplant! I don't like bright purple shades, but I love dark purples, burgandy, etc. and from what I've seen in pics - this bag is a beauty!
  6. I have a Glazed Espresso and love. The leather is getting "slouchy" over time.
  7. Same here. :yes: I have a glazed espresso MAB and the leather is buttery soft and wonderfully slouchy. It is getting even slouchier with use. :love:

    Here is a picture of it.
  8. I can't help you here, as I dont own either of them but I can tell you that I think both colors are exceptionally gorgeous!
  9. i would go for the glazed espresso!!! it's tdf and the leather only gets better with time! i'm kinda biased tho cuz i chose the purple MA over the eggplant! heheh but whatever you choose will be great! good luck
  10. Thanks for all your help! I have gone ahead and ordered the MAM in Eggplant from Luna Boston. I figure I already have a couple brown bags, it might be nice to have something with a bit of punch (color wise) I just hope I love the leather! Thanks again!!! You guys rock!