Eggplant Twiggy

  1. Becca-- seriously, you have amazing bags! This one looks scrumptious, if only it was another purse... feel free to put another purse up for auction soon!

    This and the pumpkin are yummy, are you selling them for something new?
  2. Mmmmmhhhhhhh yummy :drool: !!!! If it's were a purse (style) . . . omg - this color is tdf :nuts:
    Thank you for posting this Ronda..... :flowers:

    Good luck on your sale Becca... :love:
  3. Wow!! Yummy eggplant! Goodluck with your sale!
  4. It's gone.:crybaby:

    Darn, I go to sleep and I miss out again!!!
  5. I should have BIN'ed. Woe is me. (Not really, I've overextended myself financially.) I was really torn when I saw it!
  6. I made a NY's resolution to get out of bag debt; not matter what. :sad: I hope the winner is a PF'r!!
  7. With eBay's listing delays, it might be worthwhile to be a night owl these days. I listed a bag two days ago and it took 9 hours to show up!

  8. Ohh . . . and mine took more than 24 hours to show up !!!! Since I cannot list my Bals outside my little country (Europe) anymore - it's visible to a small community of interests only .... and that's really frustrating with eBay :rant:

  9. I have my Bal search setting on "worldwide," so that means your items would show up, right?
  10. I'm not sure if my Bals would show up on your search ... coz they are listed on Germany/Europe now and all is in german-language :s :sad:
  11. Becca, why, why, oh why? :crybaby: I just bought a silver city that put me out of comission for a while. Otherwise I'd have been all over this twiggy.:crybaby:
  12. oh Becca congrats on your sale!!!! What a lucky winner!!!!
  13. Silver City? Yum-Yum!!
  14. Becca, I like your New Year's resolution. I should do the same :crybaby: