Eggplant Twiggy

  1. wow... and its in really good condition too! no dark handles! yummmm!
  2. wow, this is fantastic!
  3. gorgeous!!!!absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I love the eggplant colour! The bag looks very smooshy too.
  5. hmmm yummy!!!!! i love the eggplant color!!!:heart:

    go get it ladies!!!
  6. AARGGHHHH....
    this eggplant is calling u girls :hysteric:
  7. All of these fantastic colors in the Twiggy! It is really beautiful. Hope someone here can give her a good home. ;)
  8. I have an eggplant twiggy and I have to say it is an amazing bag!! I hope someone here gets this!!!!
  9. love this color!!! this is definately on my watch list even though i should hold out for an eggplant purse (please God!!!!)...although bid*to*win has already placed a bid...hmph
  10. Hmmmn...this may be the twiggy that needs to go in my collection....
  11. I'm sure it is...she told me she want to come home with you.
  12. mmmm...yummy:love: :girlsigh: I can just stare at it all day!
  13. Love that color! Wish it was the city! Go for it PEANUT!
  14. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH :hysteric: :censor: :rant: ... I can't see it because I can't get into eBay from work ... I HATE THIS!!! Can anyone post a picture just to "whet" my apetite?!?!?!
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