Eggplant Soft Legacy Pebbled Drawstring 25306

  1. Lots of us were excited to see this in the Fall preview, but the color is a huge disappointment. I love the style, but the purple isn't vibrant at all. It has a brownish cast. The contrasting handle and the lemon yellow hangtag don't enhance the color at all. If anything, it looks better in pictures than in real life.
    eggplant drawstring002.jpg
  2. I loveeeee it
  3. I think Coach may have been thinking of the Sonoma line when they made this one. Here you can see the lemon yellow hangtag, which I think looks horrible with purple.
    eggplant drawstring004.jpg
  4. I would remve hangtag
  5. More lemon yellow on the inside. I don't care for the long strap. It is also pebbled, which I think makes it flimsier than it should be.
    eggplant drawstring005.jpg
  6. I agree about the hang tag...I don't like it at all, but I think the purple is beautiful! I tend to prefer more muted purples, though.
  7. The color is prettier out in full sunlight.
    eggplant drawstring007.jpg
  8. Here is a comparison with plum patent Sophia.
    eggplant drawstring009.jpg
  9. The color looks muddy, however I have to admit it is a true eggplant/aubergine color. I was thinking it would be more violet and less burgundy. I like the color of the handle, but YELLOW?? hangtag? That doesn't make any sense. I do like the caps on the end of the drawstrings.

    I also am not fond of that hangtag style compared to using a ball chain. They make me think of a security sensor that got accidentally left on the bag. Does the key strap come off, having it attached to the outside of the bag would bug me.
  10. I love the shape of this bag and it is so comfortable on the shoulder. The short strap can be adjusted with three holes on each side for the buckles, and can be removed completely. The pebbled leather is soft and smooshy.
  11. Muddy describes it exactly!
  12. Yes, I would remove the hangtag if I kept it. I think I'm going to get one of the other colors of this bag instead.
  13. I agree that the color is not as bright as the pictures by Coach. I also think the tag and strap should match.
  14. Gosh, I'm not sure what I think about the yellow accents. Hmm. I also can see what you are referring to with the purple shade.

    For me, the pebbled leather, smooshy-ness factor (your pics make that so apparent!) and the size / shape lead me to thumbs up the bag. I'm with you on the color factor, though. I'd exchange if it were me.

    Curious what you will do?!?! The bag is awesome!!!
  15. I'm pretty easy to please with dark purples so I think it's pretty. I do agree with you about the yellow hang tag--wth? But I love the pebbled leather. I wish they would do this bag in a solid color.